5 Pillars of Priyanka

Are you ready to become a better slave? Your journey into servitude has taken you this far. Now it’s time to take the plunge and become MINE completely. Your entire existence is meant to serve, submit, and surrender. It’s time to please your Goddess.

Profession of Faith (Shahada)

There is no Goddess but Goddess Priyanka. Recite the Shahada and reinforce your worship by heeding my teachings often.¬†Whether it be on my clip stores, fansite, or social media, I’m always posting content, and within that content I’m always giving you instructions. I know you love to turn on you computer and watch my beautiful eyes light up your screen as you jerk off to the sound of my voice, but you must obey my instructions in those videos as well, otherwise you’re only getting a fraction of the submissive pleasure you seek.

Prayer (Salat)

Obey Goddess Priyanka’s divine instruction on Cam. If you’re lucky enough to be able to session with me on cam, then you know how precious my time is. You’re one of the lucky few who gets to interact directly with me, live, hanging on every word. When you cam with me, the interaction will be all you think about for days, but I’ll forget you quickly if you don’t make a lasting impression. Impress me by being an obedient slave and entertaining me on cam.

Tribute (Zakat)

There’s no tribute too small or too big. Remind me you exist, remind me why I should pay any attention to you. Tribute whenever you think of me, whenever I tell you to, or whenever your dick twitches to the thought of me. Contribute to my wealth and my fabulous life and make your money go towards something greater.

Zakat when you’re broke: Skills & Services

Are you a graphic designer? Social media whiz? HTML guru? Music artist? Use your skills to make my life easier. You can contribute in many ways that aren’t just monetary. If you have a skill you think might be useful, share it with me. Or better yet, create something for me as a gift.

Fasting (Sawm)

Give up pleasures in life to give more to your Goddess. Fasting does not only refer to refraining from eating. Fasting means to abstain from jerking off unless given a direct order from me. Fasting means to deny yourself an orgasm after a long session. Fasting means doing without the fancy luxuries you want in life, and instead handing over your cash to something greater – ME.

Pilgrimage (Hajj)

You are on a religious journey to my Temple, and it is your duty to recruit other followers. Even if you’re broke and unskilled, you can still be used as a social media drone, if nothing else. Retweet and like everything I post, share my payment links and images with whatever forum you browse, share my articles and blog with your friends and social media followers. Become a recruit and bring me more devoted slaves.